HELIFLIGHT is a turnkey and re-configurable flight simulator which is used for industry relevant research projects and to support the undergraduate Aerospace teaching and research activities at the University of Liverpool.

HELIFLIGHT has five key components:

1) selective fidelity, aircraft-specific, interchangeable flight dynamics modeling software, FLIGHTLAB with a real time interface (PilotStation)

2) 6 degree of freedom motion platform (Maxcue)

3) four axis dynamic control loading (Loadcue)

4) a three channel collimated visual display for forward view, plus two flat panel chin windows, providing a wide field of view visual system (Optivision), each channel running a visual database

5) re-configurable, software-generated head-down and head up display using Engenuity Technologies VAPS  software v6.3.1.



Three collimated OTW displays and two chin windows provide approximately 140° x 60° field of view

HELIFLIGHT Motion Performance Envelope

Motion Parameter


Heave Range

500 mm

Peak Heave Velocity

± 0.6 m/s

Peak Heave Acceleration

± 0.6 g

Surge Range

930 mm

Peak Surge Velocity

± 0.7 m/s

Peak Surge Acceleration

± 0.6 g

Sway Range

860 mm

Peak Sway Velocity

   ± 0.7 m/s   

   Peak Sway Acceleration    

± 0.6 g

Roll Range

± 28°

Peak Roll Rate


Pitch Range


Peak Pitch Rate


Yaw Range

± 44°

Peak Yaw Rate