Heliflight-R Flight Simulator

HeliFlight-R, a turnkey, reconfigurable simulator for flight dynamics engineering and training applications. Combining the use of the FLIGHTLAB Development System and the HeliFlight-R reconfigurable simulator, allows tight coupling of interactive modeling and analysis with pilot-in-the-loop real time simulation. The HeliFlight-R simulator can also support training applications and can be certified to FAA standards for a Level 5 Flight Training Device. HeliFlight-R focuses on providing tight coupling of all simulator cueing systems with ART¿s high fidelity FLIGHTLAB Flight Dynamics Models to provide unsurpassed flight dynamics fidelity in a piloted simulation.

Main features of the new ART Heliflight-R Simulator. 

1) Re-configurable crew station

Aircraft specific cabs can be implimented to allow for authentic fixed wing or rotorcraft simulation environment.  This included the use of two pilots, with extra capacity for in-flight analysis.  Authentic controls allow for re-configurable force-feedback and re-configurable instruments.  All physical switches and levers are user programmable as required.

The instrument panel used for rotorcraft simulation uses LCD displays, featuring two touch screens, also user programmable.  Also features a HUD, using a projector and beam splitter.

2) Visual Display System

The simulator uses a 12 ft diameter dome, using a combination of 3 LCoS HD projectors to give an un-restricted 220x70 degree field of view.  The display system uses automatic edge blending and geometry correction  Complimenting this, optional chin windows can be installed.

3) Visual Enviroment

Using COTS PCs, and Boeing MPV, 3 visual channels are transmitted to the simulator with an 60 Hz update rate.  MPV image generator, with a CIGI interface allows for re-configurable environments. 
4) Inflight Analysis

The extra capacity of the simlulator allows for onboard instruction, operation and analysis of the simulation.  The station features 2 monitors, a keyboard, track-ball and an intercom.  The station is on tracks and has a swivelling console for when not in use.

5) Motion Platform

The motion platform features 6 Degrees of Freedom, using 24 inch electric actuators.  The base accomodates an 1800 Kg payload.


 Heliflight-R Performance Envelope







±34 °/s

300 °/sec2



±35 °/s

300 °/sec2



±36 °/s

500 °/sec2


±0.39 m

±0. 7 m/s

+/- 1.02 g


-0.46 /+0.57 m

±0. 7 m/s

+/- 0.71 g


±0.47 m

±0. 5 m/s

+/- 0.71 g