Photo of David Stack

David Stack


David qualified from University College Dublin (UCD) in 2003, before travelling to New York, USA where he worked for four years in equine veterinary practice. After returning to Ireland he established his own equine ambulatory practice, focusing on imaging and treatment of equine athletes. David completed a European Equine Surgery Residency programme at UCD, Ireland before successfully passing the ECVS examination in February 2017.

David moved to the U.K. in June 2016 and he worked for a year as the surgeon in the Western Counties Equine Hospital in Devon. Before moving to Leahurst Equine Hospital, David spent a year as the surgeon in Bourton Vale Equine Clinic, near Cheltenham.

David’s main area of interest is orthopaedic surgery and lameness. Whilst his passion is the equine athlete, David is interested in all aspects of surgery. His most recent research involves investigating ultrasound-guided sacroiliac and cervical facet injection techniques. He has also published work in the fields of joint surgery and synovial sepsis.

Selected publications:

'Comparison of two ultrasound-guided injection techniques targeting the sacroiliac joint region in equine cadavers'. Available here.

'Ultrasound-guided approach to the cervical articular process joints in horses: a validation of the technique in cadavers'. Available here.

'Effect of arthroscopic lavage and repeated intra‐articular administrations of antibiotic in adult horses and foals with septic arthritis'. Available here.

'Techniques and Indications for Intraoperative Ultrasound in Horses'. Available here.