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Find out what it's like to study alongside Eighteenth Century Worlds

Dan Waterfield has been awarded a Vice-Chancellor’s award to do a PhD in History at Queens’ College Cambridge after his MA in Eighteenth-Century Worlds.

The intellectual groundwork and research skills offered by the MA in Eighteenth Century Worlds were invaluable in helping me to gain funding for a PhD. The interdisciplinary framework of the core modules imparted an excellent understanding of historical and social theory in addition to research skills. World-class tutors always pushed and encourage me beyond the material and through assumptions. Indeed, the MA is intertwined not just with Liverpool’s famous museums, but the thriving intellectual life of the department. World famous names come to talk to the departmental seminars, where you’re not merely exposed to, but a part of, the cutting edge of historical research. Indeed it is at one of these seminars where I met my future doctoral supervisor. I could not have hoped for a better grounding in, and introduction to, researching the eighteenth century.

Joanna Szpendowska (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan) visited ECW in 2012-13. ‌ Read Read the article written by Joanna about her experiences

With methodical reflection, proper engagement, creativity, ingenuity, but also courage, it is possible to offer students a model of active teaching that could prepare them to meet the requirements that future professional situations might set in front of them. [...] Presentations required substantial preparation and at the same time they made the speaker co-organizer of the class, thus motivating them to maintain the high level of their work and making them the facilitator of discussion.

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