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Eighteenth-Century Worlds Research Monograph Series (in conjunction with Liverpool University Press)

LUP’s Eighteenth-Century Worlds research monograph series promotes innovative new research in the political, social, economic, intellectual and cultural life of the ‘long’ eighteenth century (c.1650-c.1850), from a variety of historical, theoretical and critical perspectives. Monographs published in the series will usually adopt international, comparative and/or interdisciplinary approaches to the global eighteenth century, in volumes that make the results of specialist research accessible to an informed, but not discipline-specific audience.

Authors wishing to propose a contribution to the series should consult the LUP guidelines available:

For further information, or to express an interest in the series, please email Alison Welsby (awelsby@liv.ac.uk)

The inaugural volume in the Liverpool Eighteenth-Century Worlds publication series was Civilians and War in Europe 1640-1815 (2012), edited by Erica Charters (Oxford), Eve Rosenhaft (Liverpool) and Hannah Smith (Oxford).

This comparative and interdisciplinary volume presents fourteen original case studies on the condition of civilians in wartime between the mid-seventeenth century and the end of the Napoleonic Wars.  Attention is given both to the impact of war on civilians – civilians as ‘victims’ of war and the shifting understanding of what treatment they could expect and what rights they could claim – and to civilians as active agents and contributors to a ‘war effort’. In the light of recent historical literature which locates the beginnings of the modern phenomenon of ‘total war’ in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic periods, the volume traces developments over the long eighteenth century in order to test that thesis and identify some social, institutional and intellectual sources of change as well as moments of continuity.  The essays represent the disciplines of social and cultural history, art history and the history of ideas, and cover developments and experiences in Britain, France, Spain, the Low Countries and German-speaking Europe.

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