Eighteenth-Century Worlds Podcast

In each episode of the University of Liverpool's Eighteenth-Century Worlds Podcast, an expert from the University will discuss a topic from our research into the political, social, economic, intellectual and cultural life of the 'long eighteenth-century'.

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Episode Three - Anglo-American Loyalists

Dr Sophie Jones discusses her research into the lives and motivations of American colonists who were loyal to British sovereignty during and after the American War for Independence.

Episode Two - Editing Pope and Rushton

Prof Paul Baines explores the challenges of preparing a text for a scholarly edition whilst also offering a glimpse of the lives and works of two illustrious eighteenth-century writers: Alexander Pope and Edward Rushton.

Episode One - Libraries and Popular Education

Dr Mark Towsey explains how his research into eighteenth-century circulating libraries and readers’ notes can demonstrate the ways in which individuals thought about and processed new ideas during the Enlightenment.


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