News: Professor Simon Maskell appointed ISIF President

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Simon Maskell, Professor of Autonomous Systems at the University of Liverpool, and Director of the Distributed Algorithms CDT, has been awarded the prestigious title of President of the International Society for Information Fusion (ISIF) through to the end of 2022.

Simon is enthused by the appointment to this position and the community’s potential to make a different to the world we live in.

In his inaugural President’s message Simon explains his vision for the future and what can be done when science, does indeed, come together for the greater good.

Simon’s aim is to use his time as president to enhance the potential of the ISIF community by encouraging ISIF members to:

  • Make use of large-scale computing resources;
  • Adopt of a library of rigorous benchmark problems and metrics to foster real progress; and
  • Make use of and on-going development of open-source frameworks such as ‘Stone Soup’.

Read the ISIF President’s message.

International Society of Information Fusion Summary

The ISIF was founded in 1998 as the leading ‘global information resource for multidisciplinary approaches for theoretical and applied information fusion technologies’ and to enable representation for the scientific community that has a vested interest in this type of research.  In particular, the ISIF community develops techniques for fusing data from multiple sensors to inform and make decisions. For more information on the society, read here.

For more information on Simon’s research, the Distributed Algorithms CDT or any other questions please his research group’s website.

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