Security - safe computing

Protecting your personal information and digital assets

Security - safe computing

Wherever possible Computing Services protect the services you use from malicious or accidental damage, corruption, destruction or misuse.  Security is an ever moving target as services become more mobile and most of us access services away from campus and on mobile devices.

Not only is there the physical security of the machines and devices you use but the security of your University account, your print credit, your personal and online identity and privacy and the security of the information and data we create or have access to.

We offer support and advice to help you avoid the mistakes that are so easily made but a lot of the malicious activity online is very credible. Always be alert to the potential and if in doubt check with the CSD Service Desk.

Information security

The protection and management of information is of critical importance to the University; without adequate security measures, years of research data, personal information or sensitive documents could be put at risk. We endeavour to provide advice and software to ensure the information you handle is safe and that you are aware of the potential risks.

You are responsible for the information you handle – not your line manager and not the University. All staff and students are required to complete on-line training. This will help to ensure that you understand the significance of Information Security and to support you to look after the information you handle. To access the training module, login to VITAL and choose the module Information Security.