Information Security

We all need to take the security of information very seriously. There have been numerous reports in the media of confidential data such as personal records being 'lost' through loss or theft of laptops or backup drives.

Information protection and management is of critical importance to the University - without adequate security measures, years of research data, personal information or sensitive documents could be put at risk.

The security of confidential information is the responsibility of the individual member of staff or student NOT the University itself, nor the line manager or Head of Department.

University Information Security Policy

The policy has been developed to provide staff and students with guidance on the protection and storage of data and sensitive information.

The policy, and supporting guidance, details measures you can take to protect the information assets for which you are responsible. This includes information stored on electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones, cameras and any other media that has the capability to pose a threat to Information Security.

The policy has been developed to ensure the preservation of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets.

The Information Security policy is available online.

Encryption - keeping sensitive information safe...

Encryption converts data into a coded form that cannot be read without knowing a password or phrase, sometimes known as the encryption key.