The Neuroimaging Working Group aims to investigate the structural and functional brain changes associated with the neurological and psychiatric symptoms of COVID-19.

We will combine multiple MRI sequences, technically harmonised across multiple sites and both Siemens and GE scanners, to make a comprehensive assessment of brain health in a large sample of patients (cases) with neuropsychiatric complications of COVID and appropriate controls. These MRI data will be integrated with the clinical, cognitive and biomarker data also being collected by the COVID-CNS consortium to understand the mechanisms by which SARS-CoV2 has adverse impacts on the brain, and so point the way to more accurate diagnosis and precision therapeutics in future.

The Neuroimaging Working Group have a pre-print article that shows how large, multi-site MRI datasets can be collected reliably at different sites across the diverse range of MRI modalities and IDPs that could be mechanistically informative in COVID brain research. Visit medRxiv to read the full article.



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