Start Your Day Right


Continuing Education (CE) has put together a series of talks to keep you learning and entertained over the lockdown. ‘Start Your Day Right’ comprises free, 1-hour morning talks that are intended to boost wellbeing and help you through the lockdown. Delivered through Zoom, CE’s tutors are providing a range of topics like Creative Writing, Literature, Local Architecture and History, and more.

More activities are being added all the time, so do keep checking back.

Lady Lever Art Gallery

World class art in a Wirral model village with Dr Gina Muskett

A Hard Days Night

Scenes and the story, as told in photographs, of the Northern premiere of Richard Lester's 'A Hard Day's Night' and the chaos and confusion resulting therefrom; a memorable moment in Liverpool and pop music history. With Dr Lee Kendall.

Death In Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians are commonly believed to have been obsessed with death – in fact, they loved life so much that they wanted it to continue forever! This lecture will provide an overview of the funerary beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians, and the provisions they made to ensure a successful transition into the afterlife. We will consider a selection of tombs and how they functioned, including a look at some of the most important scenes found on their walls. We will also learn about the role of coffins, magical funerary texts and the process of mummification, and how all these complex beliefs and elaborate rituals complemented each other after death in order to guarantee that life could continue to be enjoyed in the next world. With Dr Kath Slinger.

Escape with your Sketchbook

'Escape with your Sketchbook: A Virtual Sketching Journey to Venice' With Tony O'Connell and Paul Gatenby.

Winter Morning Poetry

Winter has always captured the poetic imagination. As we move into colder weather and shorter days, seasonal poetry can help us take stock of ourselves and the season. In this session, we will read through a series of short poems about winter and consider how this time of year evokes certain emotions and seasonal memories, including through depictions of nature and suggestions of Christmas. With Molly Cobb,

Female Voices in D.H. Lawrence's Novels

The Construction of Female Voices in D.H. Lawrence’s Novels. With Susanne McClure.

Liverpool Gothic: C. R. Mackintosh and the Liverpool Cathedral

A survey of Glasgow architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh's unrealised designs for Liverpool Cathedral in conjunction with an (hopefully) illuminating discussion of their tacit incorporation into Giles Gilbert Scott's finished building. With Dr Lee Kendall.