Continuing Education Courses: Days and Times

The typical days and times when Continuing Education courses take place are outlined below.

Our programme of short courses varies by semester. This page will be updated as new courses are announced.

Click the relevant day of the week to find out which short courses usually have classes on that day and whether delivery is online or in-person.

Lancaster and York: England 1399-1485 Online 10am-12pm
Reading the New Testament: Letters of Peter and Jude Online 1.30pm-3.30pm
From Athens to Baghdad: Graeco-Arabic Literature and the Golden Age of Islam Online 6pm-8pm
Planetary Landscapes Campus 7pm-9pm
Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy Online 7pm-9pm
Ramesside Revival: Cultural and Artistic Renewal in New Kingdom Egypt Campus 11am-1pm
21st Century Women Writers: Writers and Artists Campus 11am-1pm
Roman Britain: From Julius Caesar to the End of Rome Online 2pm-4pm
Ancient Greek History: An Introduction Online 6pm-8pm
Forest of Equilibrium: Liverpool in Print, 1919-2022 Campus 11am-1pm
Preserved Through Time: Pompeii and Herculaneum Ness Botanic Gardens 2.30pm-4.30pm
Latin Reading Group Online 6pm-8pm
Scriptwriting for TV and Film with Adam Simpson Campus 6pm-8pm
Writing for Children and Young Adults Online 7pm-9pm
Egyptian Hieroglyphs for Absolute Beginners Ness Botanic Gardens 10am-12pm
Greek Reading Group Online 6pm-8pm
James Hanley: His Life and Writing Campus 6pm-8pm
The Story of Philosophy: Great Thinkers of Our Time Campus 6pm-8pm
The Monthly Novel: Italy Campus 11am-2.30pm
Frederick Leyland: The 'Liverpool Medici' Campus 10am-1pm
The Rhododendrons of Ness Botanic Gardens Ness Botanic Gardens 10am-3pm
Ancient Mesopotamia in the Bronze Age Campus 10am-4pm
Writing About Walking Campus 10am-4pm
Pop Music's Hidden Histories: A Case Study of Glam Rock Campus 11am-1pm
The Visual Politics of 1960s Pop Music: Motown Campus 11am-1pm

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