Liverpool Confucius Institute Guest Lecture with Professor Michael Parkinson CBE

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LCI Deputy Directors (UK) Dr Penny Ding and Dr Hua Zhang (China) recently hosted UoL Honorary Professor Michael Parkinson CBE, who gave a captivating LCI in-person and online guest lecture about his research and recently published book: “Liverpool Beyond the Brink: The Remaking of a Post Imperial City.”

Professor Parkinson CBE commented:  

“In the lecture for the Liverpool Confucius Institute, I drew on my recent book ‘Liverpool Beyond the Brink’ to: (i) chart the city’s remarkable continuing, if incomplete, renaissance in recent years; (ii) explain the roots of its success; (iii) ask what is to be done about the economic, social and political opportunities and risks it now faces.  

I considered whether the combined challenges of Brexit, COVID, austerity, the Caller report on alleged corruption and incompetence in Liverpool city council, the Hanson’s similar critique of the Liverpool Labour party as well as government-imposed Commissioners mean that the progress of recent years is now in question - or whether the city and people of Liverpool are able to build on their many assets and achievements to remain beyond the brink.  

I concluded that, although there is great uncertainty and the city faces significant economic, political and financial risks, the progress it has made in the past 20 years, combined with increased leadership from the public and private sectors, means that it should not go back on the brink. Its current problems are a bump in - not the end of - the road for the city of Liverpool.” 

LCI Deputy Director (UK) Dr Penny Ding said:  

“I was delighted to host Professor Michael Parkinson’s lecture on the story of Liverpool and the many political, social and economic challenges our city has faced over the last 20 years. The deep and broad knowledge about Liverpool was matched only by Professor Parkinson’s clear affection for our wonderful city, offering fascinating insights about the city’s past, present and future.  

Our audience were similarly captivated and, with over 80 attendees, my only regret was not scheduling longer for the Q&A session. Professor Parkinson brought such a genuine enthusiasm to his lecture, and I sincerely hope to welcome him back to the LCI to further explore the historical, political, social and cultural legacy of this city – and help us all feel proud to call Liverpool our home.” 

An audience member commented: 

“Very interesting. Professor Parkinson CBE's field is truly interdisciplinary as he must draw on a wide range of fields to make his arguments: law, politics, sociology, geography, economics/business, history and so on. Something for everyone!” 

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