Radiation Laboratory

‌This 270m2 laboratory has peninsula open benching that can accommodate 70 students. It is sponsored by Canberra, a leading provider of measurement equipment for nuclear safety and security purposes worldwide.

The teaching position is equipped with an audio visual consul and there are eight wall-mounted display monitors around the lab. There is a dedicated technician’s station, as well as wi fi equipped break out area for 20 occupants.

The laboratory has 43 Canberra systems (Ospreys, Lynx and Falcon[links]), including state-of-the-art germanium, sodium iodide and gas detectors. 

Students can become familiar with the technology they will encounter in the workplace – whether directly in the nuclear industry or in the support industries e.g. health physics (Physics of radiation protection). These research grade systems are incorporated into the undergraduate laboratory modules and are used in their final year projects.