Six morning habits of top performers

Posted on: 8 February 2021 by Eric Dos Santos, LinkedIn Learning Student Champion, second-year medical student. in Hints, tips and advice

Reach your goals by adopting the SAVERS morning routine.

In the increasingly competitive world we currently find ourselves at, learning new skills has become a requirement for those who wish to succeed later in life. However, as information becomes increasingly available finding the right courses can become difficult. Luckily, LinkedIn learning is an excellent resource that can be accessed by every University student who is keen on developing his or her employability potential. 

In this article, we will discuss a LinkedIn course called "Six Morning Habits of High Performers" by Hal Elrod. Each habit will be explained in turn using the mnemonic SAVERS, so you can transform your tiring and average morning routine into one that will help you reach your goals, develop skills and boost your employability! 

The first letter in SAVERS refers to silence. Nowadays, we are surrounded by distractions that range from the non-stop phone notifications up to news flooding us with new information. Hal points out that even when there is a broad range of benefits in meditation, few people accomplish to do it. The next morning you wake up try to list a few goals for such day (related to your job, family, relationships, etc.). Then, remain silent with your eyes closed and a constant breathing rate for 10 minutes (try using a timer). Let your creativity fill you with ideas to achieve your objectives! Give yourself time, the only way to fail if you judge your experience. As you focus on the experience, you'll continuously get to improved levels of consciousness and it will become more efficient. 

"A" stands for affirmations. This is a written statement that you strive to achieve. It is important to differentiate between lying to yourself and affirmations. There is a difference between closing your eyes and saying, "I am a millionaire" instead of "I will become a millionaire". For such affirmations Hal suggests a 4-step framework: 

What do you want to achieve? 

Why is it meaningful for you? 

Affirm specifically what you're committing to do to increase your success. 

When are you going to commit such activities? 

The next letter is used by world-class athletes, Visualization. Don't just focus on the end goal, instead picture yourself doing the activity in a way that seems enjoyable (in case you might not like the process). By creating this anticipation you'll become more excited and more likely to stick to your end goal. Feel free to visualize yourself as creatively as you can, see yourself from a 1st or 3rd person perspective and maybe add some background music to the visualization! 

The 4th letter refers to Exercise. We've all been there; you just woke up and you're lying on your bed thinking about your life choices as you try to properly wake up in the next 10 minutes. Next time try to push yourself and do 60-second jumping jacks! As your breathing and heartbeat rate increase, you'll get a quick boost of energy that will help you follow your morning routine with much more excitement! 

Did you know that you're just 1 book away from learning anything? There're virtually hundreds of books for every single topic you want to learn or transform in your life!

That's why the 5th letter is "R", which refers to reading. By spending 10 minutes a day reading instead of scrolling at your Instagram feed, you'll be able to average 300 pages a month. Which means that you're reading a self-help book a month and 12 a year. This will put you ahead of the 95% of people that decide to use those same 10 minutes a day watching cat videos online. 

Finally, Scribing, which refers to journaling about your day. Hal recommends an app called 5-minute journal. He suggests writing 3 things you're grateful for and 3 things you want to accomplish in such day that will make that day a great one. 

By switching your mindset and adopting this morning routine which is followed by the world's high performers you'll get yourself closer to success. As you become more goal-oriented your opportunities will increase, which in turn will make you more employable. If you found this information useful, I'd recommend you give LinkedIn learning a look, you'll find hundreds of courses that will give you the necessary skills to improve your employability and become successful in life! 


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