Cost Saving Measures for Students Introduced

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The Liverpool School of Architecture has recently introduced a number of measures to reduce the cost that students face as part of their studies. Previously architects would have had to print large A1 size sheets regularly, so to save students money the School of the Arts has installed  short throw Digital projection in ten Architecture design review locations. The investment means that students can submit work digitally so avoiding the normal print costs for large items as well as print queue problems.

The system was piloted last year to extremely positive feedback, before being introduced across the School.

A paper printer has also been purchased with funding from the Benefactors’ Fund, which provides low cost 3D models. The School has also committed to providing free or low cost recycled materials wherever possible by linking up with local suppliers to obtain off-cut plastics and wood.

A student shop is available in the School where space and racking is provided for free and students can buy materials such as foam board at wholesale rather than retail price.

Scholarships and prizes are also available as a result of a large number of endowments from graduates. At graduation the School awards more than £12,000 in prizes for high-achievers, plus another £6,000 if they return to study the MArch course.

A number of £1,000 scholarships and bursaries are also available both for new students and those entering their final year of study.