In memory of Gerald Rushworth Beech

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Gerald Beech Obituary
House in Beaconsfield Road: This 'little gem of a house' won 'House of the Year' award in 1960.

We were saddened to learn of the death of Gerald Beech, who was a member of staff of the school of architecture from 1948, though to the 1980s. Gerald had a very long association with the School, starting as a Lecturer in the School of Architecture in 1948 but had continuous connections with the University since 1937 when he was an Architectural student, and his connection was only interrupted by war service. In the later decades of his engagement he had the role of Senior Lecturer primarily responsible for delivering teaching in the final two years of the five-year architectural course.

Professor André Brown, former Head of School noted that, “He was very good to me as a new, raw colleague and I was glad to have the opportunity to thank him for that in person a couple of years ago when he visited the School. I was pleased also that we were able to recognise his contribution to the School of Architecture and to the buildings in the University of Liverpool and beyond by naming, last year, a new Architecture Gallery after him, The Beech Gallery in the former Education building.

There will be a Memorial Service to celebrate Gerald’s life on Tuesday afternoon 5th November in Ovington, Hampshire where he lived until shortly before his death.

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