CRESTA MSc students visit Energy House 2.0 testing facility in Salford

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A group of students standing in front of typical domestic houses inside a testing facility.
CRESTA students in one of the chambers where the air temperature was -5°C

Students from the School of Architecture’s MSc programme ‘Climate Resilience and Environmental Sustainability in Architecture’ (CRESTA) recently visited the University of Salford’s Energy House 2.0 laboratories. Energy House 2.0 is the largest research facility of its type in the world. It consists of two environmental chambers, each able to accommodate two detached houses, and to recreate a wide variety of weather conditions, with air temperatures ranging between -20°C  to +40°C and simulated wind, rain, snow and solar radiation. This facility is playing a key role in accelerating progress towards developing and testing low carbon and net zero housing designs.

One of the MSc students commented that “It was very interesting and informative visit, and a fun start to the second semester.”