Unleashing Generative AI in Architectural Design and Education: Response of the LSA’s Pedagogy and Practice Cluster to the Next Frontier

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On Wednesday 6th December 2023, in an afternoon-long exploration, the Pedagogy and Practice Cluster at the Liverpool School of Architecture delved into the transformative realm of Generative AI and its impact on architectural practice and education.

As we navigate the juncture where human craftsmanship meets technological prowess, the series of talks and workshops aimed to elevate AI literacy among staff and students, aligning with the visionary principles recently set forth by the Russell Group on the ethical use of AI in higher education.

Our first guest speaker was Dr Matias del Campo, Associate Professor at Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan, who delivered an LSA open lecture exploring the ontology of artificial intelligence and its profound connection to architectural production. The hybrid format lecture reached audiences around the world who were able to join us in the room via Zoom for the live Q and A session.

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Our second guest speaker, William Gates, who is a distinguished architectural educator at the Boston Architectural College, delivered a talk which discussed the ramifications of integrating AI into architectural education. Addressing questions on the potential loss of creativity in the process, Gates shared valuable insights into the evolving landscape of architectural pedagogy which led into fruitful discussions amongst the educators and students in the audience.

The event concluded with an interactive demo showcasing the popular generative AI engine, Midjourney, providing staff and interested post graduate students and researchers with hands-on experience and a glimpse into the future of AI-driven architectural design and its impact on creativity.

The afternoon was conceived and hosted by Carlos Medel Vera and Sandy Britton and kindly supported by LSA research fund and University of Liverpool AV support team.

This ground-breaking series not only fuelled curiosity but also ignited a collective passion for the possibilities that Generative AI holds for the future of architectural education. The LSA’s Pedagogy and Practice Cluster looks forward to further discussions and innovations at the intersection of architecture and artificial intelligence.