Masters Programme in Sustainable Heritage

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Group of people wearing PPE on a building site. A High brick built warehouse is being restored around them.
Visit to Stanley Dock heritage-led regeneration projects, 2022

Approximately 50% of European architectural practice involves existing buildings, which presents a critical challenge: integrating heritage preservation with high design standards. Educational curricula often fail to adequately address this balance, leading to friction between architects and conservation officers. To bridge this gap between heritage, Policy, Pedagogy, and Practice, the Liverpool School of Architecture has launched a new Master Programme that incorporates ICOMOS Guidelines and the Institute of Historic Building Conservation's (IHBC) Areas of Competence.

Designed by Dr Ataa Alsalloum, and drawing on her heritage work in the MENA region and the UK, as well as expertise at the LSA, this programme - recognised by the IHBC - takes a comprehensive view of heritage preservation. It addresses current challenges such as climate change, dark and difficult heritage, the digitisation of heritage, and intangible heritage. The programme welcomes students from diverse academic backgrounds and emphasises practical learning through workshops, placements, and site visits.

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Image Credit: Ataa Alsalloum