BA3 Studio Pen & Inc Copenhagen Field Trip

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A group of students and staff standing on a concrete pavement, in front of a perforated orange metal wall. All are dressed for cold weather. The photograph is taken at an angle.

BA3 Pen & Inc studio has recently returned from its field trip, student Jiayi Gu contines:

"BA3 Pen & Inc studio explored numerous fabulous buildings and public space during their study tours in Copenhagen Denmark and Malmo Sweden. The cities were characterized by their clean, comfortable, and humanistic urban design, with striking modern architecture and active public spaces throughout. This trip provided the students with a firsthand experience of excellent architecture and urban design in the Nordic region.
Under the guidance of four tutors, fourteen students visited a diverse range of buildings, including the uniquely designed expressionist Grundtvigs Church, Jorn Utzon's stunning Bagsværd Church with its beautiful curved roof, the practical and aesthetically pleasing Nordhaven - BIG HQ, the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, the impressive Copenhagen Opera House, and the massive Copenhill. The group also explored a variety of public spaces and communities, such as the fascinating and innovative Superkilen Park and the Skogskyrkogården, which has been listed as a World Heritage site. Additionally, they visited several exhibitions at the Steen Eiler Rasmussen statue, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Malmo Konsthall, and Copenhagen Contemporary. The exhibitions and museums themselves were also quite impressive.
Overall, the trip was not only a fulfilling component of the studio course, but also a means of rapidly expanding horizons. In the second semester, students will design public-realm and residential buildings in Huyton Village Center, and the experiences gained during this trip will undoubtedly serve as valuable reference points for their upcoming project.

The studio team would like to thank Bjarke Ingels Group for the fantastic tour of their Nordhaven HQ site which is six months off completion."

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