CAVA Leads AHRC Symposium London: Showcasing Immersive Experiences

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Funded by the AHRC UK/China Partnership, this event will brough together experts in the field of immersive arts and entertainments to discuss the latest developments and trends, with a focus on creating immersive experiences that will appeal to a global audience.

The symposium was connected to two ongoing AHRC UK/China Partnership projects: Shaun the Sheep: Immersive Experience led by Prof Richard Koeck, University of Liverpool and Immersive, Immersive, Innovative, and Interactive Experience (IIIE) led by Prof Sylvia Pan. Both projects are operating on the forefront of digitally immersive, location-based and remote experience through media such as projections and VR.

The symposium provided a platform to report from our ongoing research and shared some of the preliminary results with the wider academic and digital creative community. The symposium gave us the opportunity to also invite a wider community of practitioners to give us their critical views as to how such work is relevant to their current and expected future practices.

Man holding tablet computer in front of screen showing Augmented Reality scene with Shawn the Sheep

Demonstrating Shaun the Sheep: Immersive Experience

A special thanks goes to our  line up of expert presenters and panelists, such as Weijia Ma (Shanghai Theatre Academy), Ngaio Harding-Hill and Gavin Strange (Aardman), Clarice Hilton (University of Liverpool), Alastair Eilback and James Bailey (FeedAR), Dan Tucker (Immersive Assembly), Jonny Freeman (i2Media), Rosaline Coleman, William Latham (Goldsmiths).

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Co-organised with partners Goldsmiths