KFC parent Yum! Brands partners with Universities Zero Carbon Research Initiative

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KFC parent Yum! Brands has partnered with the University of Liverpool's Zero Carbon Research Initiative. KFC United Kingdom & Ireland has set a target to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040 or sooner, David Gibbs, Cheif Executive Officer of Yum! Brands:

"Our customers expect us to do more than sell craveable chicken, pizza, tacos and burgers. They expect us to do so in a responsible manner considerate of our planet — with sustainable packaging, little to no food waste and a light carbon footprint. And not just because Earth Day is this week; this is a daily expectation. And it’s something that Yum! and our brands continue to work toward.

In particular, KFC United Kingdom & Ireland has taken a bold step to reach net-zero carbon emissions, which is why I’ve chosen to highlight them on the latest episode of Risk Takers & Growth Makers, the series in which we recognize the bold and those who’ve adopted a growth mindset.

Watch to learn more about the market’s partnership with the University of Liverpool’s Zero Carbon Research Institute and how the team showcased their commitment on a global stage."

Click here to listen to David Gibbs and Jenny Packwood, KFC's Director of Reponsibility and Reputation for the UK and Ireland, discuss the partnership