Acoustics Research Unit win Science Communication Award

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Two d/Deaf students singing into microphones, overlaid caption

Professor Carl Hopkins, Dr Gary Seiffert and Mrs Natalie Barker from the Acoustics Research Unit have won the Acoustical Society of America's 2021 Science Communication Award for their video on the use of vibrotactile technology in music education. Their Musical Vibrations project demonstrates the potential of using vibrotactile feedback to support d/Deaf people in music performance, education, appreciation and production. Musical sounds that can be heard are converted into vibrations which are felt through the skin. This video documents the responses of staff and pupils at the Royal School for the Deaf Derby who used the vibrotactile equipment in their music lessons. The Executive Director of the Acoustical Society of America commented that “Your entry was the clear favourite of the judges because of its potential reach and appeal to the general public.”. 

To find out more, please visit for the Musical Vibrations project and for the Acoustics Research Unit.