New Publication from LSA Professors on Liverpool Architect Herbert J. Rowse

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Herbert James Rowse Book
Image courtesy of the Liverpool Public Records Office

A new publication from LSA Professors Iain Jackson and Simon Pepper, together with collaborator Peter Richmond, looks at the work of Liverpool Architect Herbert J. Rowse. 

Herbert James Rowse (1887-1963) was an extraordinary architect who shaped the city of Liverpool like no other. He produced an array of exquisite buildings, plans and infrastructure of utmost quality. Practicing in an eclectic manner that was influenced by American Beaux Arts and later using simpler geometries of monumental bare brickwork. Rowse’s work has endured passing trends and fashions, retaining a seductive appeal and resonance with visitors and occupants alike despite its often monumental massing and extraordinary scale.

Featuring over 100 images and plans, the book includes detailed discussions on all of Rowse's major projects. The authors would like to thank everyone at Historic England and especially Elain Harwood, Alan Powers, Barnabas Calder, John Hudson, Sarah Enticknap for their expertise and help in putting this book together.