PhD success for Amer Habib Al-Sudani

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Amer Habib Al-Sudani
Amer Habib Al-Sudani

Many congratulations to Amer Habib Al-Sudani for recently being awarded his PhD. Amer’s thesis was entitled ‘Analyzing the Influence of Urban Morphology on Thermal Microclimate in a Temperate Maritime Climate’. The external examiner for Amer’s viva was Emeritus Professor Geoff Levermore from Manchester University who, in 2007, was a member of the IPCC team that was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its work on climate change.

One of the major impacts of climate change will be temperature increases, and this will be especially evident in urban areas. Amer’s study investigated the influence of urban morphology on the thermal microclimate of urban spaces. Over a period of months air temperatures were measured at twelve locations at a residential development in Liverpool. Detailed analyses were undertaken to investigate possible links between the urban morphology and the observed variations in air temperature around the development. Amer developed some novel parameters to help explain the role of urban morphology on air temperature.

Amer has presented his work at major international conferences and, in 2016, he was awarded the Jeffrey Cook Memorial Scholarship for his paper: Al‐Sudani, A. and Sharples, S. ‘Analyzing urban microclimate air temperature measurements using a novel parameter the partial sky view factor’, Proceedings of the 32nd International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture, Los Angeles.

In October 2018 Amer will return to Iraq to resume his academic role in the Technical College, Baghdad where he was Director of the Engineering Unit.