MA in Architecture Students Participate in Fabfest.London

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Fab Fest

MA in Architecture students participated in this year’s Fabfest.London with two installations: Team 14 with ‘Bloom’ and team 15 with ‘Active Vault’. Team 15 won an honourable mention in the Vice Chancellor’s Award category. Febfest is a week long design and fabrication competition workshop, where students from universities all across the world compete for the best installations made out of cardboard. All cardboard pavilions are being fabricated and exhibited in the University of Westminster in London.

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Team 15: Mentor: Asterios Agkathidis. Students: Shuyan Bai, Shuhui Li, Qiaoyang Zhang + Li Li, Yijia Li, Shanshan Wang, Jingbo Zhu
Team 14: Mentor: Asterios Agkathidis, Students: Xueqi Chen, Siqi Kong, Jiangyang Zhao + Satvik Ambre, Mohamad Al-Suwaidi, Roberto Cruz Juarez, Fabio Garcia da Silva, Siyu Lin