MARLIN trips to Dee estuary 2011/2/3/4/5/6

MARLIN trips to Dee 2011

17 March: I entered the Dee via the Hilbre Swash Channel. Then to the SE corner of the West Hoyle Bank to dry out at LW.

Views of the shallow channel to the South of my position at LW (53 22.122N, 3 14.459W).

Wed. 13 July: As part of cruise to Cardigan Bay:

Decide that I would most probably not reach Liverpool marina in time (10pm) for last lock operation, so head to anchor in the Dee (my home patch since I live overlooking it). Through the Welsh Channel: Prestatyn(G), S Hoyle Outer(R), SH2(R), SH1(G), SH3(G), Pillar, SH4(R), SH5(G), SH7(G), Air(G), Dee(S Cardinal), then Salisbury Middle, West Bar, Dee 1 buoys to find an anchorage in the deep water off West Kirby. Anchor somewhat south of local buoy "Seldom Seen" at 53 21.56N 3 12.895W in 23ft at 8.35pm. Wind was N force 3 so near HW there was a choppy sea. After the tide fell, the sandbanks offered more protection. Wind NW later.

Views from the anchorage in the Dee of West Kirby, Mostyn and Hilbre Islands .

Thursday 14 July. Leave anchorage 7.25am and head for HE4 then HE3 buoys in Hilbre Swash. Wind NW 3 - sea choppy in Hilbre Swash but then less. Cross the East Hoyle spit towards Meols buoy (aka "sewer") and then into Rock Channel to the Mersey. Off the marina at 9.38am.

MARLIN trips to Dee 2012

29 May: I entered the Dee via the Rock Channel and cut across East Hoyle Spit to Hilbre Swash Channel. Then to the SE corner of the West Hoyle Bank to dry out at LW. The Hoyle Bank has moved significantly since 2011 and now its edge almost touches the HE4 buoy. The seals had moved further west to haul out so I anchored at (53 22.24N     3 13.13W).

Meols buoy, Seldom Seen buoy and view of HE4 from the drying beach on the Hoyle Bank.

July 19. Enter Dee via Hibre Swash around HW (spring). Explore section to Dee1 and Dee2 buoys noting depths. Dry out at half tide on SE corner of Hoyle Bank (near HE4 buoy) avoiding seal area. This sand bank now seems to cover at half tide. Seals from my drying position:

Anchor nearby (to south in enough water not to dry out) overnight. Quite a bit of current at times.

July 20. Coming round from the Mersey, see 2 porpoises off New Brighton. Explore towards Dee1 and Dee2 around LW springs to check. Find new chartlet (NM 1466/2012) is accurate except for dotted section. A direct route from HE4 to Dee2 is feasible at LW springs (least depth 3ft clipping edge of shore bank- which could be avoided). Area around Dee1 has little water (circa 3ft at LW springs).

Another route through to the Welsh Channel is shown on the chartlet and marked by local buoy East Bar (not tested by me)

The entry to the Thurstaston Channel(local buoys SWC and red can) is close to and accessible at LW springs from Dee2:

10 Oct 2012: dry out on Hoyle Bank. Pictures here

MARLIN trips to Dee 2013

25/26 May: I entered the Dee via the Hilbre Swash Channel. Then to the SE corner of the West Hoyle Bank to dry out at LW.

Since late 2012, this area is much changed. There is now a deep and narrow channel (with significant current) running close to the bank. So the bank edge is much steeper and mainly unsuitable for drying out.

I found a reasonable spot (53 22.088N, 3 14.470W) to take the ground.

Views of the narrow channel to the South-east of my position at LW.

Anchor overnight off West Kirby (at 53 21.49N, 3 12.94W near location of Seldom Seen buoy which was not on station) and return to Liverpool the next morning.

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MARLIN trips to Dee 2015

13 May: I entered the Dee via the Hilbre Swash Channel. Then to the SE corner of the West Hoyle Bank to dry out near the top of the Bank over LW at position 53 22.044 N, 3 14.519 W. Returning later the same day.

Cruise liner Royal Princess at Liverpool; Hilbre Island from the NE; Seals on the Hoyle Bank.

15 June: After exploring the entrance to Meols at HW + 90' (off Leasowe shore), I proceeded to the Dee passing Hilbre. I explored the entrance to the moorings at Thurstaston and then moved to the Hoyle Bank to dry out over LW. I dried out on the flat area just south of the gutter than runs along the edge of the Hoyle Bank at 53 22.113 N, 3 14.216 W.

Cruise liner Celebrity Silhouette at Liverpool; Dazzle Ferry at Seacombe.

Marlin aground with Hilbre in the background; gutter between drying location and the main part of Hoyle Bank.

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MARLIN trips to Dee 2016

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