Campaign ambassadors

Our campaign ambassadors support fundraising efforts for the new Yoko Ono Lennon Centre by helping to raise our profile with alumni and advising us on our campaign.

Robin Bloxsidge Robin Bloxsidge

Robin Bloxsidge

Alumnus and former Head of University Press, Robin Bloxsidge, was introduced to classical music by a friend at University.

Professor Averil Mansfield CBE Averil Mansfield

Professor Averil Mansfield CBE

Alumna and first British female Professor of Surgery, Professor Averil Mansfield CBE, used music to counter the stresses of her career in medicine.

Nick Riddle Nick Riddle

Nick Riddle

Retired barrister, Nick, spent most of his career in Liverpool, most recently at Atlantic Chambers, specialising in company, land and property law and is a keen supporter of music and the arts in the city.

Dr Joan Rodgers CBE Joan Rodgers

Dr Joan Rodgers CBE

Liverpool alumna Joan Rodgers is an acclaimed opera, concert and as a recitalist soprano.

Dame Patricia Routledge DBE Patricia Routledge

Dame Patricia Routledge DBE

Award-winning actor, singer and comedian, Dame Patricia Routledge discovered her passion for music and performance while studying at the University of Liverpool.

Yoko Ono Lennon Yoko Ono by Matthew Placek

Dr Yoko Ono Lennon

Artist, singer and peace activist, Yoko Ono Lennon, after whom our new Centre is named, is a long-time supporter of student opportunities at the University.

Professor Shirley J. Thompson OBE

Professor Shirley J Thompson OBE

Shirley is a composer, artistic director, Professor of Music, conductor, film-maker, writer, violinist, and cultural activist.

Vanessa Reed

Vanessa Reed

Vanessa Reed is President and CEO of New Music USA a national resource which supports the creation, performance and appreciation of new music.