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The University of Liverpool takes sustainability incredibly seriously and we have made the commitment that by 2035, at the latest, we will hit net zero carbon and we will reduce our waste by 50% by 2025; and every student will have the opportunity to undertake a sustainable learning.

For more details see the University of Liverpool Sustainability website, packed with lots of ways for everyone to get involved.

The School of Veterinary Science is also invested in sustainability, with academic representation on the VetSustain Vet Curriculum working group, as well as academic and student sustainability champions.

VetSustain is an independent charity set up with a vision “for the veterinary profession to be enabled as leading forces for sustainability”.

VetSustain are focussing on 6 goals distilled from the 17 UN sustainability goals, these are:

  • Diverse and abundant wildlife
  • A good life for animals
  • Net zero warming
  • Health and happiness
  • A no-waste society
  • Enough clean water for all.

What we do needs to be wide ranging and evidence based.

There is a lot of work to do for everyone, from individuals signing up to the BVA pledge and volunteering to be sustainability champions to hospitals changing processes based on the greener practice checklist and overall ensuring sustainability is incorporated into every part of our veterinary curriculum.



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