surgeons at the Equine Hospital

Clinical Training Opportunities

The Equine and Small Animal Hospitals offer a number of clinical training opportunities every year, beginning at different points within the year. The opportunities consist of one-year internships and three-year residencies, and are advertised in veterinary journals as well as on the Veterinary Institutes's Jobs page.

Internships are open to new veterinary graduates, as well as to experienced veterinary surgeons who are Members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. These one-year posts provide a base in equine, farm or small animal medicine and surgery, with the Small Animal Teaching Hospital also offering a more specialised internship in anaesthesia. From these, interns can progress to a residency, further postgraduate training, or a career in clinical research.

Residencies are also offered by the Equine, Small Animal, Farm animal, and Pathology divisions in a number of core disciplines, with the residency in anaesthesia being shared between the two hospitals. All residencies carry a requirement for residents to carry out some clinical research. They are open to qualified veterinary surgeons (MsRCVS) with appropriate experience – such as an internship or equivalent, as determined by the relevant European College – and incorporate an approved postgraduate training programme, such as the European Diplomas in Equine Medicine and Surgery, or the various diplomas of the individual European Colleges (e.g. the European College of Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia).

Further details can be found on the pages for the Equine Hospital and Small Animal Hospital and the Jobs page for Farm Animal and Pathology posts.