A farmer with sheep at Wood Park farm, Leahurst

Our Farms

Liverpool is unique amongst UK veterinary schools in owning two large working farms, located on the Leahurst campus in Cheshire. These offer a valuable teaching resource for veterinary students in all years of their undergraduate education, as well as for veterinary surgeons, farmers, and the general public.

From their very first year, students are able to spend time on the farms, working with cattle, sheep, horses, and pigs. They learn how to recognise healthy and sick animals; how to handle farm livestock; and how to manage herd and flock health to the very highest standards.

In later years of study, undergraduates spend significant amounts of time on the farms, continuing to improve their handling skills, as well as taking a more active role in veterinary care and livestock husbandry. They are also offered opportunities to take extra elective courses in farm-related topics.

Woodpark Farm’s Visitor Centre also provides educational opportunities to practising veterinary surgeons, to farmers, and to the general public – especially school parties – and organises a knowledge exchange programme to promote healthier and more productive farming across all species groups.


cows feeding at wood park farm

Wood Park Farm

Woodpark, the Veterinary School's 200-acre dairy farm – and a Tesco Centre of Excellence.

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piglets feeding at Ness Heath farm

Ness Heath Farm

Ness Heath, the Veterinary School's 120-acre mixed-stock farm – breeding sheep, pigs, and beef cattle, as well as providing grazing for horses.

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