Making a difference to people’s lives

From prolonging the lives of pancreatic cancer patients to supporting safer, better births, our work’s making life better and easier for patients and for professionals too.

Our mission’s to support collaboration and joined up thinking across the spectrum of scientific discovery, clinical research and healthcare provision, in pursuit of safe, effective therapies and practice.

We’ve over 200 research staff in various departments and centres, working in multidisciplinary teams, often with national and international partners, around the following themes:-

  • Drug safety
  • Women and Children’s Health
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Personalised medicines.

Thanks to strong funding and an ambitious strategy, we’re able to provide investigators with the latest technologies and facilities that include advanced statistical and bioinformatics support.


The institute’s supported by many organisations including charities (Wellcome Trust and Cancer Research UK), research councils (MRC, BBSRC), industrial companies and EU initiatives.

We also attract funding through the clinical trial and research services we provide to bioscience companies worldwide - and we’ve close, productive links with the regulatory bodies to support this.

These are exciting times here, with massive expansion taking place. We’ve opened new centres for drug safety science and personalised medicine, as well as the UK’s first intensive care unit for horses.

New partners, funders and experts are constantly joining us as a result and we’re training over 250 Masters and PhD students, as well as numerous healthcare professionals on CPD courses.