Looking for a place at the University of Liverpool? Clearing is currently closed but visit our course list to see all programmes for entry 2021.

What is Clearing?

Clearing is a service provided by UCAS that runs between July and September every year. It gives potential students who aren't holding an offer an opportunity to search and apply for undergraduate courses.

Who can use Clearing?

Students are eligible for Clearing if they have applied in the current application year and fit any of the following criteria.

  • Applied after 30 June 2021.
  • No offers were received.
  • All offers were declined or no response given by the deadline.
  • Conditions of the offer were not met.
  • A change course/change date of entry/change point of entry offer was declined.

How to apply for Clearing? 

An applicant who is already registered with UCAS is eligible for clearing. Should an applicant's status match any of the criteria listed above, UCAS will automatically place them into clearing. If an applicant no longer wants to take up an offer and wishes to go through clearing instead they would contact the University and ask to be released into clearing.

  • The student can find a list of vacancies at the University of Liverpool online.
  • Contact the University with your UCAS personal ID and exam results to make an application.
  • A decision will then be made on the application. If a place is offered, it will be added into the applicant's UCAS Track.

You can find more information on how to accept a clearing offer as well as some frequently asked questions around Clearing on our pages.

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