Where can I go?

Use our 'Study Abroad search tool' to find out more about the specific countries, courses, and universities that offer overseas study placements. The best way to start is to search by "Course".

If you're doing a combined degree, please note that 25% refers to a minor, 50% as a joint major and 75% as a major (and you will see a button appear saying "add a combination" so you can search by both parts of your degree). You can additionally filter any matching universities by things like accommodation type offered and whether or not accommodation is guaranteed.

The total estimated cost has been taken from information provided by the Partner University and covers, as a minimum:

  1. Accommodation
  2. General living costs the partner has estimated (e.g. groceries)
  3. Additional fees (e.g. visas or health insurance, which are listed in the "Additional Information" box)

The estimated cost does not include flights to and from the host country/city, which you should take into account as part of your research into which host universities may suit you.

Please note the following important information:

  1. Some universities (especially those in the USA) will require you, as part of your application, to show that you have access to funds up to or above the estimated cost of living listed on our search tool
  2. For some partners, you're required to have a higher average in your Semester 1 exams in order to be eligible, we have indicated this in the "Additional Information"
  3. The information provided in our profile is for guidance only and all information is, to the best of our knowledge, correct at the time of publication. Matches are always subject to change for reasons outside of the University of Liverpool's control, e.g. curriculum changes at the partner. Estimated costs are published in good faith and to the best of our knowledge. Information you receive directly from the partners will always supersede any information from the search tool.
  4. A semester abroad usually takes place in second year for all 3-year degree programmes and 4-year degree programmes which include a Year in Industry. Students must apply in year 1!

    Students on any other 4-year courses should check with their International Opportunities Advisor (IOA) as a semester abroad may be available to take in either second or third year. Students must apply in year 2 for a semester abroad in year 3 (if this option is available)!

  5. You can either take the Year in China after your second or final year of study. See our YiC Integrated Masters list for any exceptions to this or programmes where students can choose which year they participate in Year in China. You must apply in the academic year before you wish to travel. 

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