Taking time off from your studies

Understand the process of stopping your studies for a while, known as 'suspending your studies' or 'academic suspension'.

We understand there are many reasons for wanting to stop your course for a while, but before you do, we advise you to talk with your school, personal tutor, or supervisor about why you want to suspend your studies. They may be able to offer help and advice that will allow you to carry on with your studies.

If you don’t want to talk to your school, personal tutor, or supervisor, Student Services will be able to offer you confidential help and advice. You can also speak in confidence to a member of the Wellbeing Advice and Guidance team.

If you do want to suspend your studies, you must let your department know as soon as possible.

Details on suspending your studies are available on the Student Administration pages.

It is important to understand that suspending your studies will have an impact on your tuition and accommodation fees.

Undergraduate suspension of studies

Maintenance loan

If you are suspending from your course, the amount of maintenance loan you are entitled to may be affected.

During a suspension of studies, your entitlement to maintenance loans normally stops and Student Finance will re-calculate the amount you are entitled to during the current year of study.  If you are suspending due to ill health, entitlement to maintenance loans should continue for a further 60 days.  In some cases, this funding can continue beyond this period and can also apply if you can demonstrate to Student Finance that to not receive the loan would cause you serious financial hardship.

Tuition Fees

Fees charged to registered students will be calculated based upon the date the University is formally informed of any change in registration.  Where fees are paid via a Student loans Company Fee Loan, the amount owed will be calculated by the Student Fees Office and Student Finance will be notified of the amount due to the University.  Students can normally only receive tuition fee loans for the length of their course + 1 year.  In exceptional circumstances this can be extended, please contact money@liverpool.ac.uk for further advice.

Before finalising the decision to suspend or withdraw from study, all students are strongly advised to discuss this in detail with Money Advice and Guidance. You can contact us at money@liverpool.ac.uk or 0151 795 1000.

For further details on Tuition and Accommodation Fees please contact the Student Fees Office:  https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/feespayment/tuition/


Speak to a Money Advice and Guidance advisor

If you are unable to find an answer to your query on our web pages email money@liverpool.ac.uk or book an online confidential one-one appointment.