Student Support Information Sheet Queries

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  • What is a Student Support Information Sheet (SSIS)?


    A Student Support Information Sheet (SSIS) is the document that details your recommended reasonable adjustments (i.e. your support) for your studies.

    With your consent, your SSIS will be written by a member of Disability Advice & Guidance (DAG), in consultation with you.

    The SSIS can make recommendations covering all areas of University life, including: Teaching & Learning; Exams; Library; Accommodation; Placements; Practical / Lab sessions etc.

  • How do I access my Student Support Information Sheet (SSIS)?


    Once completed, your Student Support Information Sheet (SSIS) is e-mailed to you. 

    If your SSIS has been written prior to commencing your studies at the University, it will be sent to the e-mail address that you have registered with the University. 

    If your SSIS is completed when you are a registered student at the University, it is sent to your University of Liverpool e-mail address.  If you have mislaid your SSIS, contact DAG to request another copy.

  • Who will my Student Support Information Sheet (SSIS) be sent to?


    Your Student Support Information Sheet (SSIS) will be sent via e-mail to your Departmental Disability Contact  

    It is also available to all staff teaching on your modules.  These staff members can access it via their electronic class lists - there is a small icon next to your name on their class list, which indicates that you have a SSIS.

    Additionally, your SSIS will be sent to other relevant University colleagues. For example, if you have support recommended for exams or the library, it will be sent to the appropriate staff contact in the Exams Team/Library.

    We also encourage students to e-mail/give a copy of their SSIS to their lecturers/tutors, as this can provide a good opportunity to talk to them about your support needs.

  • I think that my Student Support Information Sheet (SSIS) needs to be amended; what should I do?


    If a minor change is required, for example you have changed course, you should contact Disability Advice & Guidance (DAG) and ask that your Student Support Information Sheet (SSIS) is updated.

    If you require a change to your recommended reasonable adjustments, you should either attend a DAG drop-in session, or e-mail DAG to request a review appointment with a member of the team.

  • I’m having difficulty accessing the support that is in my Student Support Information Sheet (SSIS); who should I contact?


    You should initially contact your Departmental Disability Contact (DDC).  It is their responsibility to liaise with School/Departmental colleagues to ensure that you are able to access the recommended reasonable adjustments within the academic environment.

    Further information about DDCs can be found here: Disability Contacts.