SilverCloud Self-Help Modules

The University of Liverpool has partnered with SilverCloud Health to offer a suite of free online self-help modules for any student or member of staff.

Programme content is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The key concept of CBT is that you can identify and change your thought patterns that have a negative influence on your behaviour, helping you to change how you are feeling, for the better.

Self-paced, easy to use

Complete 6 to 8 engaging content modules at your own pace and time, at home, on campus, at work or remotely. The modules are accessible 24/7 on multiple devices: computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Engaging, stimulating content

The self-help modules are delivered through a variety of engaging technological tools and applications, including quizzes; noticeboards; journals; videos and mindfulness audio exercises.

Modules available:

Space from Anxiety

Space from Depression 

Space from Stress

Space for Positive Body Image