Support for External Examiners

These pages are intended to support academics who are appointed as external examiners for taught provision at the University of Liverpool. The University appoints around 270 external examiners each year from a range of both academic and non-academic institutions, and each of them is crucial to ensuring that the degree programmes offered are comparable in both standards and quality to other national and international programmes.

The information provided in these pages is intended to support external examiners in their role, and supplements what is provided by the Student Administration and Support Division (SAS) on their website for external examiners. While the information and resources provided by SAS are generally intended to support externals in the administration of their appointment, this site is intended to provide more insight into the scope and role of the external examiner of taught provision at Liverpool.

New external examiners, experienced examiners who are new to examining at Liverpool and examiners from non-academic backgrounds may find the information offered here especially useful.

You can download all of the information from this site as a PDF from the download section of this page or visit the relevant section and download only that information that you require.