Student Life (formerly Student Administration and Support)

Management Support Team

Fellows, Mrs Hilary Management Services Coordinator
Robinson, Mr Robbie  Student Experience Assistant (SAS)

 Divisional Management Team

Harrison, Dr Paula Director of Student Life 0151 794 2038
Leonard, Mr Phil Head of Student Administration  0151 794 2243
Purvis, Mrs Julia Head of Student Services 0151 795 7667
Casson, Mrs Nicola Head of Student Conduct Complaints and Compliance 0151 795 0320
Learman, Dr Lynn Wellbeing and Counselling Service Manager 0151 794 3304
Camara, Miss Marcella Mental Health and Advisory Service Manager  
Percival, Mr Mike Student Experience Manager (Administrative Services) 0151 795 7625
Burns, Mrs Becca Student Experience Manager (Timetabling and Assessment) 0151 794 2050
Bennett, Mrs Jane

Senior Administrator  (International Student


0151 795 0311
Hampson, Mr Christopher Student Experience Team Leader (Examinations & Assessment)   
Smart, Mrs Linzi Student Experience Team Leader (Student Registration, Records and Graduation)  0151 795 1835
Heaton, Miss Abi Student Experience Team Leader (Administrative Services)  
Colleran, Miss Margaret Student Fees and Funding Manager  0151 794 2321
Muldoon, Mrs Maria Senior Administrator (Fees Status, External Examiners (Taught) and US Loans)  
Rushton-Davis, Mrs Hayley Disability Support Team Team Leader 0151 794 4717
Noonan, Mrs Gemma Student Conduct Manager  
Dagnall, Mrs Rachael University Mental Health Charter Officer  

PGR Student Administration Team

Lacey, Mrs Joanna PGR Student Administration Team Leader  
Hughes, Miss Lyn PGR Link Officer  
Lockwood, Mrs Ged Student Administration Officer   
Muldoon, Mrs Angie Student Administration Officer   
Jones, Mr Karl Student Administration Officer


Khan, Miss Asmina Student Administration Assistant  

Timetabling Team

Room Booking Enquiries   0151 794 3194
Griffin, Mr Rob Timetabling Manager (Data and Estates)  
Chaddock, Mrs Alison Timetabling Manager (Information & Systems) (Maternity leave)  
Dentith, Miss Tashana Timetabling Manager (Policy & Processes)  
Capece, Ms Alessandra Timetabling Manager (Information & Systems) (Maternity cover)  
Bartley, Mrs Anita Timetabling Administrator  
Cook, Ms Maria Timetabling Administrator  
Moss, Miss Emma

Timetabling Administrator

Taylor, Mrs Lisa Timetabling Administrator  
Fall, Ms Megan Timetabling Administrator  
Stancliffe, Mr John Timetabling Administrator  
Webber, Mrs Helen Timetabling Administrator  
Billcliff, Clara Timetabling Administrator  

Student Fees and Funding Team

General Enquiries    0151 794 6777
Colleran, Margaret Student Fees and Funding Manager  0151 794 2321
Bartlett, Mrs Helen Student Experience Coordinator (Tuition Fees and Funding)  
Evans, Miss Louise Student Experience Coordinator (Fee Collection)   
James-Farrell, Mrs Natalie Student Experience Officer (Fees and Funding)  
Young, Ms Hannah  Student Experience Officer (Fees and Funding)  

Stoneley, Miss Jess

Student Experience Officer (Fees and Funding)  

Higham, Mrs Louise

Student Experience Assistant (Fee Collection)  

Coy, Ms Jenny

Student Experience Assistant (Fees and Funding)  

Montgomery, Miss Zoe

Student Experience Assistant (Fees and Funding)  
Murphy, Mrs Georgina Student Experience Officer (Fee Collection)  
Bruce, Mr David  Student Experience Officer (Fee Collection)  
Denman, Mr Zac Student Experience Assistant (Fee Collection)  
Middleton, Mrs Ann Student Experience Assistant (Fee Collection)  
Crowe, Miss Katie  Student Experience Assistant (Fee Collection)   
Angelsea, Miss Jordan Student Experience Assistant (Fees and Funding)    
Richards, Miss Sophie Student Experience Assistant (Fees and Funding)  
Henderson, Ms Debbie PGR Student Awards Coordinator 0151 794 2040

Student Administration and Examinations


Student Administration Enquiries    0151 794 6758
Fax - Student Administration    0151 794 2041
Examination Enquiries   

0151 794 6758

0151 794 6759

Smart, Mrs Linzi Student Experience Team Leader (Student Records, Registration and Graduation) 0151 795 1835
Heaton, Miss Abi Student Experience Team Leader (Administrative Services) 0151 795 1062
Hampson, Mr Christopher Student Experience Team Leader (Examinations, Assessments and Awards)  
Anderson, Ms Megan Student Experience Coordinator (Administration) 0151 794 2042
Nugent, Ms Katie Student Experience Coordinator (Examinations, Assessments and Awards) 0151 795 1347
Gaston, Mr David Student Administration Officer  0151 794 3924
Hennessey, Mrs Sue Student Administration Officer  0151 794 2430
Kelly, Miss Chloe  Student Experience Officer   
Jones, Miss Liz Student Administration Officer   
Sanford, Mrs Jeni Student Administration Officer  0151 794 2048
Wright, Mrs Louise Student Administration Officer  0151 794 2046
Galston, Ms Lee Student Experience Officer  
Campbell-Gaunt, Mr James Student Experience Officer  
Handley, Jess Student Experience Assistant   
Hill, Ms Amy Student Experience Assistant  
Carvalho, Ms Renata Student Experience Assistant  
  Student Experience Assistant 0151 794 2030
Lewis, Ro Student Experience Assistant 0151 794 8990 
Fitch, Mr Thom Student Experience Assistant  
Rew, Cameron Student Experience Assistant  
Thorpe, Ms Ciara Student Experience Assistant  
Alenius, Ms Erika Student Experience Assistant  
Harris, Ms Leah Student Experience Assistant  
Dalzell, Mollie Student Experience Assistant  
Lee, Joe Student Experience Assistant  
Daleziou, Maria Student Experience Assistant  
Woodward, Lily Student Experience Assistant  


Student Conduct, Complaints and Compliance Team 

Williams, Miss Claire Complaints and Compliance Officer
Bennett, Mr Chris Complaints and Compliance Officer
Backhouse, Ms Sian Complaints and Compliance Officer
Martin, Mr Louis Specialist Investigating Officer
Gregory, Ms Rachel Specialist Investigating Officer
Carlile, Mrs Georgia Complaints and Compliance Coordinator (maternity leave)
Gage, Miss Nicola Complaints and Compliance Coordinator (maternity cover)
Rogers, Ms Glenda Complaints and Compliance Coordinator
Murphy, Louise Complaints and Compliance Administrator
Gentile, Ms Victoria Complaints and Compliance Administrator
Joseph, Ms Sarah Student Conduct Administrator


International Student Compliance

Sutton, Mr Tom International and UKVI Compliance Officer
Labonte, Ms Hannah International and UKVI Compliance Assistant 


Counselling and Mental Health Advisory Service

Chan, Miss Julie Counsellor 0151 794 3304
Driver, Mrs Camille Counsellor  0151 794 3304
Hutchinson, Mrs Clare Counsellor 0151 794 3304
Kirke, Ms Rosena Counsellor 0151 794 3304
Maunsell-Cogley, Ms Kathleen  Counsellor 0151 794 3304
Yesufu, Mr Yinka Counsellor 0151 794 3304
Duffy, Mr Paul Counsellor 0151 794 3304
Sives, Ms Amanda Counsellor 0151 794 3304
Brioni, Ms Marisa CB Therapist 0151 794 3304
Houghton, Miss Bridget  Student Information Officer 0151 794 3222

Barrett, Miss Ellie

Student Information Assistant 0151 794 3304
Forfar, Mrs Catherine Mental Health Advisor 0151 794 2320
Drake, Mr Alexander  Mental Health Advisor 0151 795 1022 
Farrington, Mr Barry  Mental Health Advisor 0151  795 1135
Flude, Miss Chloe  Mental Health Advisor   
Crilly, Miss Laura Mental Health Advisor  
Haywood, Mrs Corinne Mental Health Advisor  

Student Welfare Advice and Guidance 

O'Connell, Mrs Caroline Money Advice and Guidance Team Leader 0151 794 5861
Marfany, Mr Danny Wellbeing, Advice & Guidance Team Leader 0151 794 7416 / 9856
Fawn, Mr Chris International Advice and Guidance Team Leader 0151 794 6880
Curley, Mrs Adele Administrative Coordinator 0151 795 7439 
Rushton-Davis, Mrs Hayley Disability Support Team Co-ordinator  0151 794 4717
Blundell, Heather Disability Adviser 0151 795 8339
Petch, Mr Jon Disability Adviser  
Sutton, Miss Elizabeth Disability Adviser  0151 794 6689

Griffiths, Mrs Shel

Disability Adviser

 0151 795 0323
McPeake, Christine

Disability Adviser

0151 794 2033 
Granville, Miss Heather Disability Adviser 0151 794 9884
Atherton, Miss Jennie Disability Adviser and Disability Coach Lead  

McWha, Mrs Anna

Disability Support Officer 

0151 795 7758
Gwilt, Mrs Kerry Disability Support Officer  

0151 794 4714

Webb, Ms Alex Disability Support Officer  0151 794 2005
Leslie, Mrs Isabelle Disability Support Officer  
  International Students' Advisor 0151 794 4752
Jensen, Miss Anniken International Students' Advisor 0151 795 7310
Bird, Miss Maria Money Advisor  0151 794 5860
Welsh, Miss Ann-Marie Money Advisor  0151 794 6673
Scriven, Mr Tim Money Advisor 0151 794 9984
West, Ms Rachael Money Advisor  
Woods, Ms Becky Money Advisor  
Walsh, Ms Beth Student Information Assistant  
Dunne, Ms Clodagh Project Officer and Money Coaches Lead  
Green, Mrs Julie Student Information Officer 0151 794 6676
Sweeney, Mrs Deborah Student Information Assistant  0151 794 4055
Byrne, Mrs Jackie Student Information Assistant  
Ferrari, Martina Wellbeing Adviser 0151 795 8406
Navarro, Fay Wellbeing Adviser 0151 795 7823 
Davies, Ash Wellbeing Adviser  0151 795 7823
Parr, Christine Wellbeing Adviser 0151 795 7827 
Yu, Nicola Wellbeing Adviser 0151 795 7824 
Dargan, Amanda Wellbeing Adviser 0151 795 7822 
Lu, Ms Xiaoyi Wellbeing Adviser  
Lyon-Taylor, Amy Wellbeing Adviser (Term Time only) 0151 795 7825 
Lloyd, Mrs Elaine Student Services Receptionist