Student Complaints Policy and Procedure

Student Complaints Proforma

Student Charter

The Student Charter sets out the general entitlements and responsibilities of students.  If you believe you have a legitimate complaint, you should refer in the first instance to the Student Charter to clarify what is reasonable for you to expect from the University in the relevant area and whether you have discharged your corresponding liabilities, if applicable.  If you do not know who is responsible for a particular area or how to contact him or her, your Department or School Office or the Guild of Students will help you.

The Student Charter is also available in the Your University handbooks for undergraduate and postgraduate taught students. Postgraduate research students should refer to the Postgraduate taught Your University handbook.‌

Making a complaint

If, having consulted the Student Charter, you wish to proceed with a complaint you may invoke the Student Complaints Policy and Procedure. 

The Student Complaints Policy and Procedure sets out how students may seek to have their complaint addressed.  It should be recognised that the vast majority of concerns which a student may have can be handled fairly, amicably and to the satisfaction of all concerned on an informal basis.  Only when informal means have been exhausted should a complaint be pursued. 

Informal advice about the Student Complaints Policy and Procedure may be obtained from the Academic Compliance Team in Student Administration and Support, (email, or from the Guild of Students.

The Student Complaints Policy and Procedure does not cover the following matters for which separate procedures exist:

A pro-forma for submission of a complaint is available:

Student Complaints Proforma

In the case of any major disruption affecting large numbers of students, an amended complaints procedure may be brought into use, which can be accessed at Appendix A to the Student Complaints Policy and Procedures This procedure is currently activated as the University is in a period of major disruption.