Hospital policies

Returned Medicines Policy

The British Veterinary Association Code of Practice on Medicines (2000) states:

"Once stock has been dispensed, it should not be accepted back into the dispensary. No returned goods should be offered for resale because there may have been problems with storage conditions beyond the veterinarian’s control."

This means that we cannot give refunds for returned medications as we are obliged to dispose of them.

Out of date or unused medicines can be returned to the Small Animal Teaching Hospital for disposal. Unfortunately no refunds can be offered.

Unlicensed Drugs and Off Label Use of Drugs

On arrival at the Small Animal Teaching Hospital, you will be asked to sign a Consent Form which is the legal document in which you give permission for clinical staff at this hospital to treat your pet. Section 4 of the Consent Form asks you to agree to allow the hospital to use drugs that are not currently licensed for use in pets.

The consent form does not include consent for involvement in any clinical trials of drugs, which would be fully discussed with you, and would be subject to separate consent.

There are several reasons and categories of 'off label' drugs that we use. This leaflet describes them in more detail: Off Label drugs

Your personal information.

The University of Liverpool Small Animal Teaching Hospital (SATH) is what’s known as the ‘ Data Controller’ of the personal data you provide to us. We only collect basic personal data about you to enable us to provide the services for which you have been referred. The data does not include any Special category data (as defined by the ICO). It does however, include name, address, email and phone number.

We use your personal information to maintain booking records and to contact you to let you know when your next appointment is due. 

We will share your personal information with other veterinary service providers if we need to refer you to other services that we do not offer ourselves.

A copy of our full Privacy Notice can be found here: DSACS Privacy Notice

Acceptable Behaviour in the Hospital

It is important that our Hospital is always a safe place to work and visit. Clients and staff must not feel threatened.

Hospital staff will always work with clients to resolve difficulties when they arise. This process is helped by a positive and calm manner from both the client and staff member. If a client displays hostile behaviour or an angry attitude this can make staff and other clients feel threatened.

In light of this the Hospital has clear procedures and a Zero Tolerance Policy on unacceptable behaviour.

Such unacceptable behaviours include, but are not limited to:

  • Any display of a violent temper
  • Shouting or raised voice, pointing fingers
  • Not engaging with staff positively
  • Being pushy or trying to intimidate staff
  • Hostile or aggressive behaviour
  • Threats, swearing, spitting
  • Any mention or display of any object that could be used as a weapon

Clients will be warned if their behaviour is unacceptable and asked to stop.

Where clients do not comply they will receive a BEHAVIOUR WARNING letter. Where client’s behaviour is unacceptable on a subsequent occasion, they will receive a FINAL BEHAVIOUR WARNING and will be given notice of the withdrawal of services.

Clients will be told exactly the nature of the unacceptable behaviour.