Dr Georg Meyer

Psychological Sciences


    Personal Statement

    My research focusses on multisensory perception. It ranges from understanding the basic neural mechanisms of how we integrate sensory information to the measurement of user experience in multisensory environments, such as virtual reality and flight simulation.

    My work on user experience focusses on the systematic evaluation of subjective and objective measures of perception and performance in multisensory environments. Much of this work is carried out in collaboration with companies such as GE Avionics (Aircraft Passenger Comfort), Sony (3D viewing comfort) or Bentley (User experience and training transfer in VR).

    My basic research draws on a range of neuroimaging techniques, such as EEG, fTCD and MR imaging and informs both applied research and clinical applications such as the link between brain structure, musical training and hallucination-proneness, or the use of neuroimaging to optimise rehabilitation after brain injury.

    Personal Distinctions

    • Invitation to speak at Int summer school on Phonetics, Autrans (Invitation to Speak, Org ccttee 2007)
    • Multi-modal session ICA (Invitation to Speak, ICA organising ccttee 2007)
    • Invitation to lecture at DAGA Summer School, Lubmin (Invitation to Speak, organising ccttee 2005)
    • Int Conference of Acoustics, Multi-modal session (Invitation to Speak, ICA committee 2004)
    • Contribution to NATO ASI (Invitation to Speak, organising committee 2003)

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