Mrs Karen Fagan

Student Experience Team Leader IPH Professional Services


    Personal Statement

    The Student Experience Team Leader leads, manages and supervises the Student Experience Team to ensure the maximisation of service delivered to students and staff. Karen assists the School Manager in shaping School policy and ensuring that the day to day administrative processes within the school are implemented and run efficiently and effectively across the whole of the School Professional Services Team.

    Karen has specific responsibility in the School for:

    • Line Management for the four Team Co-ordinators in Admissions, Student Experience, Assessments and Timetabling, Placement Office and three Learning & Teaching Support Officers.
    • Recruitment and selection process of all PSS posts.
    • DBS signatory for the School.
    • Responsible for DBS and Occupational Health Checks for all new students within the School.
    • Primary link between central university and the School for all Welcome Week activity for both September and January intakes.
    • Supports the Dean administratively in relation to disciplinary and fitness to practice meetings.
    • Health and Safety co-ordinator.
    • Responsible at Institute level for the provision of complex data to NHS England for the purposes of workforce planning and placement tariff processes.
    • Primary link to NHS Business Services Agency.
    • The organisation of the School’s summer Graduation reception event.
    • Administrative support for the Associate Heads (Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Practice Placement Development).

    Karen is a member of the Student Experience Committee, SSLC and the School Assessment Committee and the School Strategic Leadership Team.