Mrs Emily Grant Bsc (Hons); MSc; M.C.S.P

Lecturer School of Health Sciences


Personal Statement

I graduated form King's College, London in 1995, and worked as a clinical physiotherapist within central London teaching hospitals. As a clinician I specialised in the management of patients with central nervous system dysfunction and developed a particular interest in traumatic brain injury.
In 2002 I completed an MSc in Clinical Neuroscience at the Institute of Neurology (Queen Square, London) before starting a career in higher education.

I have been a physiotherapy lecturer at the University of Liverpool since 2002, and I am an HEA Fellow.

I'm interested in how the human brain controls the way that people move, think and feel.
People with serious brain injury or disease often require therapy rehabilitation. This can be hard work and often takes a long time. With the right help, many individuals can achieve thier rehabilitation goals - learning how to move more easily so that they can manage day to day functional activities and enjoy their lives.
As a teacher, I attempt to explain how the brain works, and I show students how therapists can support those with brain damage..

Sometimes students find it hard to make sense of what they read or to remember everything they need to know. Although everyone learns in different ways, I'm using what I know about the human brain to try and find out more about the most effective ways to help students learn.

Prizes or Honours

  • Hamon-Gorlov Prize (The Institute of Neurology, 2002)