Liverpool Health Inequalities Research Institute

The Liverpool Health Inequalities Research Institute (LivHIR) is a partnership between Liverpool PCT and the University of Liverpool that aims to provide leadership and excellence in public health research with respect to health inequalities in the Liverpool region.

The aims of the Institute are to explore:

  • What more can be done to achieve measurably greater aspiration and commitment to improving health and wellbeing amongst local people, communities, the public sector, businesses and the wider economy?
  • How can the region reduce the current health inequalities both within Liverpool and compared with the UK as a whole, and better exploit the diverse assets and talents that lie underused as a result?
  • How can the region strengthen its presence as an internationally renowned centre for health science and better exploit those assets for the benefit of local people?
  • What more can be done to maximise the economic benefit of the health services sector to the region through, for example, procurement, recruitment and enlightened corporate social responsibility.

The objectives of the Institute are:

  • To increase the evidence base for local strategic planning & service commissioning
  • To improve the knowledge and health outcomes of local people and reduce health inequalities
  • To increase the quality, effectiveness, efficiency, equity and outcome of services
  • To improve the translation of research
  • To improve understanding of behaviours
  • To improve research capacity within the NHS partners

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