How much will it cost?

Impossible to answer until we have talked. However, we prefer to take responsibility for all aspects of the sample preparation (including the reduction, alkylation and digestion) as this greatly enhances the chances of useful data coming back. This takes a person's time, and we must recover that cost, as well as the cost of running the instrument, covering service charges, analysing the data and generating human-readable output. We're not cheap, but we're certainly not in microarray or nextgen sequencing territory!

A typical proteomics study might be a comparative analysis of a wild type and a knockout.

In 2018 we upgraded our engagement processes, and now, after initial discussions and some refinement, we will issue a formal quote for the work, which you will choose to accept or not. This has gone a long way to reducing misunderstanding of how we work. The only people who can authorise these analyses, and agree the attendant charges, are Claire, Rob or Ed