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B.Sc. University of Southampton
M.Phil. University of Liverpool

I completed my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Southampton. After graduating I moved to Liverpool to take a Research Assistant post in CPR (then PFG). My role was funded by the BBSRC as part of the LOLA CoPYCAT project; a large-scale project, across two sites, in Manchester and Liverpool. The project aimed to provide quantification data, to the level of molecules-per-cell, for the Saccharomyces cerevisiae proteome, using QconCAT protein standards.

During my time with CPR, in addition to my Research Assistant role, I have also completed an MPhil in my spare time, supervised by Prof Beynon. In my thesis, entitled “QconCAT method development and applications in proteomics”, I reviewed how I shortened and streamlined the production workflow for the QconCAT protein standards.

After finishing on the CoPYCAT project I have worked with Prof Beynon on his fellowship, with Avacta and their Affimer technology, with Badrilla and their DOSCATs –QconCAT “double standards” for both MS and western blot based protein quantification, and many other projects besides. More recently I have been developing the use of ProteinSimple Wes and IEF technologies in CPR.

From January 2018 I’ve taken on the role of Lab Manager for CPR. As well as ensuring the smooth and safe running of the lab I also assist Prof Beynon and Prof Eyers in conference and event organisation, STEM outreach activities and public communications from the group. I am also still very much involved in research and usually have several projects running at any one time.

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