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Mr Mark Prescott

Research Technician

LabA, Centre for Proteome Research
Institute of Integrative Biology
University of Liverpool,
Crown Street
Liverpool L69 7ZB
Tel: +44 151 794 5344

Tel: +44 151 795 4392
Email: mp1608 [at]

I graduated from UCL in 1976 with an honours degree in chemistry and began work in November of that year as an instrument technician in the Biochemistry Department of the University of Liverpool. My role was to operate and maintain a number of analytical instruments, one of which was a mass spectrometer. In the early years of my career the samples analysed by mass spectrometry were small molecules such as sterols, ecdysteroids and carotenoids. As the demand for mass spectrometry increased, and new more advanced instruments were acquired, I began to spend most of my work time running mass spectrometers.

In 1998 I obtained an M.Phil by part-time research on the analysis of steroids by mass spectrometry. The new instruments permitted the analysis larger molecules and running samples for proteomics projects became a large part of my work. At present, my time is split between operating and maintaining the Institute of Integrative Biology’s mass spectrometers and the GC-MS instruments of the Protein Function Group. Outside work, one of my interests is non-league football and much of my spare time taken up by the duties of being treasurer and membership secretary of Marine F.C.!

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B.Sc. University College London
M. Phil. University of Liverpool