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Mr James Anderson
M.Sc. student
LabA, Centre for Proteome Research
Institute of Integrative Biology
University of Liverpool,
Crown Street
Liverpool L69 7ZB
Tel: +44 151 794 5344

Email: hladutka [at]

I completed my undergraduate degree at John Moores University with a BSc in Biology in 2015. Following the publication of my undergraduate dissertation on the effect of entomopathogenic nematodes on Bombus terrestris, in the autumn of 2015 I joined the University of Liverpool to begin my Msc in Advanced Biological sciences. My project in the CPR involves the use of Carboxypeptidase-B to potentially improve phosphopeptide identification using strong ion exchange chromatography and mass spectrometry

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B.Sc. Biology, Liverpool John Moores UNiversity
M.Sc Advanced Biological Sciences, University of Liverpool